We basically have two choices for Florida.  Current building code is R30 = 10.5″.  This is what new constructions homes come with.  However, the Department of Energy recommends R38 = 13.2″ for this climate zone.  We recommend R38.  We blow up to 14″ for our customers, to factor in the insulation to “settle” down 1/2″ over the years

It depends on many factors.  Spray foam is probably the best. This comes with the most expensive price tag, usually $8,000 and up for just an average size home.

  We Blow Fiberglass insulation. We believe this is the best insulation for the price.  This is not the same insulation that Grandpa used back in the day. It is made in a science lab type stuff, and will last the lifetime of the home!

Cellulose is the cheapest. We do not recommend cellulose.  It is shredded paper!  Rodents love shredded paper, and fire. So to prevent this from being a fire hazard, they treat it with boric acid, and over time it desenegrates down to mush. 

Our estimates are free!  Whether you choose us or not,  we do our estimates Gratis.  Also, we make recommendations based on our estimates that save our customers money, and will sometimes cause us to walk away from a customer wanting a service that’s not needed.   That’s our 5 star service! 

According to the Department of Energy, the two biggest causes of loss of energy are old windows, and old non-effective insulation.  Also, according to their stats by adding the necessary recommended R38 depth, you will save 20% to 40% on your energy costs. 

I get asked this on almost every estimate.  I know what the customer is asking, but this is my reply:  If you have your thermostat set on 72 degrees, your home will remain at 72. However, your AC unit will not be running all day long.  And if you are under-insulated, a lot of times your AC unit can not catch up until late into the evening.  Besides save money on your energy bill, you will also save wear and tear and money on your expensive AC unit!

We understand it’s aggravating when someone doesn’t answer this question. There are many factors involved that won’t allow us to give a basic answer.  1).  If there’s any existing insulation in your attic, and how deep is it. 2). What R-rating do you want – R30 or R38. 3). Other mitigating circumstances that can save you money, or add a small cost to what you want.  I can say that we have the lowest prices in town, or we’ll match our competitors price!  Also, that’s why it’s very important to get an estimate with someone in person, and not over the phone. 

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